to the RSPCA's Science, ethics and animals resource. This resource is mainly for English and Welsh GCSE science students and those studying the Diploma in Environmental and Land-based Studies. However, everyone will be able to enjoy the experience, learn more about themselves and better understand the role of science and ethics in all our lives.


Hedgehog dies from infection after life spent wearing rubber band



Demand for higher welfare food doubles in last four years



Call for ban on 'illegal' eggs

Rooting for pigs

Find out about our campaign to improve pig welfare.


RSPCA: Moral Compass
RSPCA: Ethics Court
"If you can clone a winning racehorse, I think cloning animals is all right."
"Pedigree dogs suffer, so people should stop buying them."
"I need to buy cheap food, and I don't care how it's produced."
What do you think?
RSPCA: Value of Life
Does it matter if we value one animal more highly than another?
How do you decide which animals you value most?
What do we mean by value?
Which of these animals is classed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list?

Please select the correct answer...